Note: To register for our Summer Academy programs, please see our brochure and registration form on the Events page.

Welcome to Registration

Registering for a music conservatory can be an exciting step for you. New and returning students should complete a registration form once a year before the start of their first semester of lessons and each semester thereafter contact the registrar (a) by phone 208-901-8190, or (b) by email at, or (c) in person at the Conservatory.

Step 1 – Register

There are three ways to register. Pick which one you prefer (a) register online on the right side of this webpage, (b) download our 2021 registration form and return it to us, or (c) come to the Conservatory to get a hardcopy and do it in person. If you don’t know which classes or teachers to select, call or email us and let’s talk about it.

Step 2 – Policies and Procedures

Registration is an important time to learn about the Conservatory, both the opportunities and responsibilities of students and parents. To run an efficient, effective, and safe program we need to agree on certain policies and procedures. By downloading our Student Code of Conduct, Financial, Tuition, Refund and Medial Release you agree to abide by our policies.

Step 3 – Payment Arrangements

The $75 annual registration fee is due now. Tuition is due later before classes start. We have three ways to pay: (a) online at the link below, (b) by mail, or (c) in person at the Conservatory. Right now we prefer method (b) or (c).

Tuition and Registration Payment


Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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