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History of Hamilton House

The Music Conservatory of Coeur d’Alene is located in the historic Hamilton House at 627 Government Way, in the heart of the city. The historic Hamilton House was built in 1908 for the 2 nd Mayor of Coeur d’Alene, Boyd Hamilton and his wife, Alta, the daughter of Spokane empire builder J.J. Browne. The two-story home is the design of Spokane architect George Keith whose splendid wrap-around porch with formal entry announces that a gentleman lives here. During the 20 th century, several prominent public officials made their home here—Idaho Supreme Court Judge W.F. McNaughton; Kootenai County Prosecutor William Hawkins; and Cd’A Mayor Boyd Hamilton.

The aesthetic appraisal of the large formal rooms appeals to the senses of musicians who have lived here. The grand piano of vocalist Agnes Hawkins once graced the airy bay window, and neighbors reminisce hearing her crystal notes echoing from an opened window. Jazz musician William Hawkins moved his drums from the Blue Bucket Band to an upper room in the house. And International piano jurist Dean Elder, who as a teen practiced and performed here, must have received inspiration for his continued studies in New York and Europe.

Please watch this video and read more about the history below.
professional musicians that resided in this historical home
Florence Gregory Tiffany

Opera Star touring from Chicago and major west coast cities.
(1911 photo)

Dean Elder
Pianist, teacher, writer, critic and adjudicator, passed away in December 2018 at age 98.
William Hawkins
Grad of Univ of Idaho in Law. Drummer in the Blue Bucket Band in Moscow. Cont’d drumming in CdA. Generous and outstanding citizen of CdA.(photo about 1930)
Agnes Hawkins

Graduate of Univ of Idaho in Music. Much sought-after vocalist in our region
(photo about 1935)

Deborah Mitchell and Cindy Nunn began the research in the summer of 2019 when the County first announced it was being torn down. The plan was to demolish it and put up an office building. That effort was stopped by the bad publicity, our research, and an outcry from the neighborhood. In February 2020, Julienne Dance saw the building and instantly envisioned it as the home of a Music Conservatory for CdA. And so it began.

She invited a few friends and created a mission statement, began planning, and filed for a 501c3. It was June when the 501c3 came through.  In March, the county had told Julienne that they would lease the building/home to the Music Conservatory, however, in a County business meeting in June they announced it would be demolished unless we purchased the house before September 30, 2020.  Financing for this project is in progress.

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